Carrier Primeline - Nieuwe 10ft Reefer Container

Carrier Primeline

Standard features

Refrigeration System
Exclusive HFC-134a digital scroll compressor
Zero ODP HFC-134a
Digital capacity unloading
High-efficiency evaporator and formed condenser coils
Electrostatically coated all-copper condenser coil
High-efficiency vane-axial evaporator fans
Three-phase condenser and dualspeed evaporator fan motors
Electronic expansion valve
Refrigerant receiver with: sight glass, Al coated steel for superior corrosion protection
ATO (Sprenger)-accepted adjustable fresh-air exchange

Electrical System
Wired for 380/460 volt 3ph 50/60 Hz power
Safe, 24-volt AC control circuit with fuse protection
18m (60 ft) power cable with attached CEE-17 plug
Electric heat
Main power circuit breaker

Control System
Micro-Link® 3 modular controller with dual sensors
DataCorder™ electronic data recorder
Backlit LCD display
Energy-saving Economy Mode evaporator motor logic
Pressure-limiting feature
Cool, Heat, Defrost, In-Range, Alarm indicator lights
Selectable timed electric defrost (3-/6-/9-/12-/24-hour settings) or automatic defrost
Manual defrost initiation
Time-delay motor start sequence
Current-limiting feature
Interrogator plug
Suction and discharge temperature sensors
Suction and discharge pressure transducers

Convenience Features
Removable front service panels
Forklift pockets
TIR compliant

Water-cooled condenser
Dual-voltage transformer
Fresh-air vent position sensor

Accessories and Options:
USDA cold-treatment recording package
Rechargeable power-up battery pack
Dual-voltage transformer module
Electronic power line communication module (RMU)
Remote monitoring receptacle (ISO 4-wire)
Water-cooled condenser system
Dehumidification control
Low-position air-exchange control
Fresh-air vent position sensor
eAutofresh™ on-demand ventilation
QUEST power-saving mode
Hinged rear bulkhead panel with quick-release fasteners
Thermometer insertion ports (supply/return air)
LED display
Convenience handles Center Left
Rain gutters (bolted or riveted)
Voltage shields
Special control modes (Bulb, ACT / ASC)
Nitrogen ports
Interrogator plug location inside control box
Tranfresh module
Secure rechargeable battery
Certification: ABS, BV, KRS, GL
CE marking



Externe afmetingen Interne afmetingen Deuropening Machines specificaties
Lengte 2990 mm Lengte 2383 mm Breedte 2286 mm Machine type Various
Breedte 2438 mm Breedte 2290 mm Hoogte 2260 mm Status PTI OK / Plug in ready
Hoogte 2591 mm Hoogte 2291 mm     Temp. bereik - 25c / + 25c
    Vloeroppervlak 5,7 m²     Kracht 380V, 32 amp, 50/60hz
    Capaciteit 12,7 m³        
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