Daikin - Nieuwe 10ft Reefer Container


Daikin LXE10E

Cool air flow direction (Evaporator)                
Bottom air discharge

Cooling capacity (60Hz)
Inside temp. 2C                                      10.000W   
Ambient temp. 38C
Inside temp. -18C                                     5.900W
Ambient temp. 38C

Heating capacity (60Hz)
Inside temp.  16C                                     5.900W
Ambient temp. -20C

Air flow rate (Evaporator)(50/60Hz)
High (ESP=12.7mmH2O                         96.3m3/min
Low  (ESP=3.2mmH2O                           48.2m3/min   

Fresh air intake (EPS=12.7mmH2O, 60Hz)      

Power supply (50/60Hz)
Standard unit (single power supply)         3-phase,
Control circuit voltage                                      
13VAC, 24VAC

Max. power consumption                                  

Type                                                          R134a
Charged amount                                       4.7kg

Inside temperature range                                  
-30~30C (-22~86F)

Type                                                           Hermetic Scroll Compressor
Lubricant oil Type                                      Daphne hermetic oil FCV46D
Charged amount                                        3.4L

Air Cooled condensor type                               
Cross Finned Coil

Air Cooled evaporator type                               
Cross Finned Coil

Fan motor   
Condensor  Type                            Propeller
Output                                             670W    
Evaporator Type                             Propeller
Output                                             400W/60W x 2
Controller    Type                             DECOS III f

Automatic PTI                        
Full, Short, and Customized PTI

Refrigerant control                                            
Electronic expansion valve

Ambient temperature range                        
       -30~50C (-22~122F)

Hear source                                   Hot gas
Initiation                                         Timer or on-demand and manual
Termination                                   By temperature of evaporator outlet sensor
                                                       or timer
Protective devices                                            
Protection thermostat (compressor, fan, motor) fuse, 
circuit breaker, high pressure switch, fusible safety plug.

Height                                       2.234 mm
Width                                        2.025 mm
Depth                                          415 mm

Standard unit                              433 kg
(single power source)


Externe afmetingen Interne afmetingen Deuropening Machines specificaties
Lengte 2990 mm Lengte 2383 mm Breedte 2286 mm Machine type Various
Breedte 2438 mm Breedte 2290 mm Hoogte 2260 mm Status PTI OK / Plug in ready
Hoogte 2591 mm Hoogte 2291 mm     Temp. bereik - 25c / + 25c
    Vloeroppervlak 5,7 m²     Kracht 380V, 32 amp, 50/60hz
    Capaciteit 12,7 m³        
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