Star Cool - Nieuwe 10ft Reefer Container

Star Cool

Standard features

Defrost on demand
Ventilation setting logged
Energy efficiency
Dual plug capability
Dehumidification down to 50%
Data history readable on controller
Corrosion-proof compressor
Repairable compressor
Humidity sensor
USDA cold treatment
Environmentally friendly

Low energy consumption

Compressor with soft start.​
​Dual stage compression with economizer circuit
Accurate superheat control
Shorter defrost time
StarCool unit is the only unit able to operate 2 units on a single 32 amp reefer power outlet


Externe afmetingen Interne afmetingen Deuropening Machines specificaties
Lengte 2990 mm Lengte 2383 mm Breedte 2286 mm Machine type Various
Breedte 2438 mm Breedte 2290 mm Hoogte 2260 mm Status PTI OK / Plug in ready
Hoogte 2591 mm Hoogte 2291 mm     Temp. bereik - 25c / + 25c
    Vloeroppervlak 5,7 m²     Kracht 380V, 32 amp, 50/60hz
    Capaciteit 12,7 m³        
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